Why a diversity of forest types is important for songbirds!

Learn more about why forest diversity is important to the populations of our songbirds.

Why I Became a Forester

Listen to Mike Warner at the Leadership Nature podcast talk about why he became a forester, the opportunities and challenges along the way, and the skills it takes to succeed.  

Great YouTube Video About Invasives

Here is a great YouTube video about invasives and how they spread into a forest.  This is video from New York but we have the same thing happening to our forests in Indiana.  This video gives the simple breakdown of how the “invasion” can happen before you know it.

ArborTerra–What do we do??? Check out our video!

 So…it’s a common question that gets asked when you meet someone for the first time or when you are catching up with an old friend…”What do you do?” Some of our customers who only use a specific service or buy a specific product also have asked, “What else does ArborTerra do?” This is not always the easiest question to answer with a quick and easy response (even though we are supposed to have a 30 second overview ready on command).

The fact is that ArborTerra provides many different services in the area of forestry and natural resource management, and also is a distributor of a wide variety of erosion control products and a complete line of cover crop seed. And now, instead of stumbling through our spiel, we have come up with a better way to answer that common question…”What does ArborTerra do?” Check out our new video below! Once you see the products and services ArborTerra has to offer, contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Effectively Managing Resources

Forestry Consulting

Conservation Planning

Wetlands Consulting

Urban Forest Management

Invasive Species Management